The Elevator story ...

On one of my customers sites they run five elevators in parallel hopefully to transport

Karl Reitschuster
the employees from one floor to the other. Folks wants to be transported fast as possible and secure as possible and do not want to wait to long for an elevator.

A week ago one of the elevators did not work properly anymore. The technicians work now days for to repair it. It seems to be a problem to find the root cause and bring it back to service.

So as it is in real life it can happen with your data and the application the data handles. It's all about effective architecture, design, stability, response time, maintainability and reliability like in real life. And that's what i eagerly like to do - to build solid systems. I believe this is possible with Oracle server technology and the seamless integration of application and other services into it. The relational model with it's limitations is not the only model to describe data and so i am open to other approaches. But hopefully the data at then end of the day is stored in an (Oracle) database effectively.

I live in Germany with my three kids near Heidelberg. The most time i work in Frankfurt and i like to do it there.

My vision is to find a couple of Oracle experts in Germany with different key aspects to exchange knowledge and last but not least - experience. I believe in team work - it's much more effective and is fun.

With kind regards
Karl Reitschuster


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