SAP HANA - No 'The database is the bottleneck' anymore

SAP HANA is an In-Memory Database developed by SAP based on different SAP technologies like MAXDB, ...; 
The database is designed for easy Scale out and Scale Up - almost with linear thru-output and is capable completely to replace current disk based RDBMS like Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase;
Not only that all operations - run on data already placed in memory but due to it's column-store organization and dictionary based compression the data itself is memory optimized/aligned.
The time where everything was tried in the application layer to bypass slow database access is gone. The time the database had a bad reputation in the development-circles specially in the java and .Net community  is gone. To get the best out of the database database-centric development will become important again.
Due to it's speed no cubes must be build or expensive pre-aggregation has to take place - no no - A new star is born.



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