Terracotta - the return of OODBMS?

Do you remember?

About 10 years ago OODBMS (Poet, Gemstone, Versant, ...) seemed to be starting to replace RDBMS; The idea for using OODBMS was simple - if the programming model is OOP why not persist Objects with an OODBMS directly instead of populating it's properties and class hierarchy into a couple of tables? It was the reason Oracle 8 came out with object relational features; But they (OODBMS) failed for following reason:

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Tanel Poders - Snap it!!!

Tanel Poder holds a 2 day session in Düsseldorf last week; This was not my first Tuning/Troubleshooting training. But it was extraordinary what Tanel showed us when usual ways would not work

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Oracle 12 the Green Database - Oracle 12 Eco

Now living in a time of financial crisis and a growing gap of natural resources
a new paradigma - a new database paragdima is needed.

For Oracle 12 i think this could be Oracle 12 Eco;

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Setting DBMS_STATS Environment

Hi Reader,
with Oracle 10g all default parameters of the DBMS_STATS package are defined as default in the data dictionary accessible with the DBMS_STATS GET_PARAM Method :

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Tuning Leading '%' Queries - a simple approach

Hi reader,

usually queries using LIKE and leading '%' cannot be indexed. So an idea would be to mirror the string content with the string reverse function to be able to put the '%' operator at the end :

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