Upgrading from Oracle Database 10g to 11g: What to expect from ...

Almost 3 years after introducing Oracle 11g Release 1 Oracle posted a white paper migrating CBO from Oracle 10g to 11g; Ok - better late then never. There are a lot of topics so the white paper is well recommended to read; you will find it here




Converting Timestamp to Date ...

Hi reader,

i needed to convert the date fraction from a times tamp type variable; Usually the way is to convert the time stamp to string and then to convert it back to date; Hmmm ... . This looks not very elegant ;-)

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Oracle 11g Release 2 coming soon


got an E-Mail for a Oracle 11g Release 2 Roads how.

It seems 11.2 is coming soon; Most interesting which platforms will be served first. A lot of platforms even had no 11.1 release deployed. for example Mac OS X, Sun Solaris X86_64, ...

Our environment running with 10.2 will be candiates for 11.2!!




Oracle for for MAC OS X on Intel x86-64 released


Hi Reader,

i could not believe it;

but it's true. Oracle continues to develop Oracle Server on Mac OS X; and shipped now Oracle 10.2 for OSX;

Here the download link : Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( for MAC OS X on Intel x86-64


and much thanks to Oracle;


PS.: there are some restrictions to the release - for example DbConsole would not work ...


Zone Alarm !!!


the title is not a title of a Science Fiction film or of a Hackers memories intruding networks or a gaming title but is SUN Solaris related. SUN Solaris 5.10 introduced a virtualization concept called Zones. A Zone is like a logical/virtual machine on a SUN Server Hardware. Zones are nearer bound to resources then for example a VM like VMware or Parallels (on Mac); This keeps the frictional loss of resources lower.

At our customer site database servers are driven in SUN Solaris Zones. Resources dependend on the implementation of a zone could be shared between the Zones. Hardware is better utilized.

But one drawback is here - it's to specify performance;

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