Accessing Application Data only via PL/SQL Procedures?

Dear reader,

frequently i hear from different sources that a solid access to the Database must be based on a PL/SQL API - a technique wrapping Table access with PL/SQL. Currently i support a project developing a CRM system based on C#/.NET 2.0 and using an ORM (Object Relational Mapper) to store the content of the application. At the beginning of the project i was indeed sceptical about this approach. But on the long run i experienced it as a remarkable alternate approach interfacing a database for an application.

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hi reader,

now this is my 3rd blog platform with increased possibilities.

  • sophisticated User Interface
  • GUI based style design
  • great search functionality
  • flexible page design
  • far more mature then wordpress

My old Blog is still accessible;

I like to talk about my daily experiences but also to share  some thoughts about the oracle server technology and last but not least about hihger level stuff like Design and Architecture of Systems and Applications.

I invite you to participate.


Karl Reitschuster



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Month ID generator

Hi reader,

if you have to deal with datawarehouses you need to implement dimension tables. A dimension could be the time dimension - a table of month Id’s for example to aggregate data per month. How to generate  such month id’s (YYYYMM)?

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The LIKE Bind Parameter Dilemma (LBPD)

Updated on Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 8:50AM by Registered CommenterKarl Reitschuster

hi reader, everybody tells you to use bind variables (reduced parses) and that’s ok. But in some circumstances you get a lot of problems with it. Using bind variables with the LIKE operator could cause horrible performance even you index that column and you do not use a ‘%’ at the start of the searched string. The Optimizer has to calculate the cardinality of an operation. If cardinality changes the execution plan could change dramatically too.

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